Environmental monitoring report

Environmental monitoring report

The environmental monitoring report is a form of short-term environmental quality assessment at production and business establishments, which is carried out during the operation of the enterprise.

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What is environmental monitoring report?

The environmental monitoring report (also called the environmental monitoring report under Circular 43/2015 / TT-BTNMT) is a form to assess short-term environmental quality at production and business establishments. be implemented during the operation of the Enterprise and periodically report to the competent authorities (specifically the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, sub-departments of environmental protection). The main objective of this task is to re-evaluate the entire environmental situation at the facilities in the past time and propose measures to protect the environment where the project operates.
Subjects and implementation cycle of environmental monitoring report

  • Object

Subjects required to make periodic environmental monitoring reports: operating production, business and service establishments, operating production and business zones, and subject to impact assessment. environment (according to Article 3, Decree No. 18/2015 / ND-CP) and environmental protection plan (according to Article 24, Law on Environmental Protection 2014). Large or small production establishments, hotels, motels, inns (with 10 rooms or more), hospitals, clinics, schools, restaurants regardless of small or large scale, general Residential buildings, buildings, constructions, industrial parks, residential areas, commercial centers and supermarkets.

  • Implementation cycle of Environmental Monitoring Report is in accordance with Circular 43/2015 / TT-BTNMT
    - For small and medium-sized projects, where environmental protection planning has been previously carried out, the surrounding environment observation and environmental monitoring report shall be made periodically twice a year. period of 6 months to perform 1 time.
    - For large-scale projects, which previously had already done EIA environmental assessment, the surrounding environment observation and environmental monitoring report will be made periodically 4 times per year, periodically. Performing every 3 months

Process of implementing environmental monitoring report
- Step 1: Assess the current state of the surrounding environment, proceed with the collection of data related to the activities of the project, production and business facilities such as natural, economic, social and gas conditions. Hau, geology, ...
- Step 2: Observe and identify the sources of pollution that may arise when the project operates as a source of waste water, emissions, solid wastes, etc.
- Step 3: Take a sample analysis of pollution sources such as wastewater, outside air samples, internal air, exhaust air at the source if the project uses generators, vibration parameters, noise, ... and then analysis in the laboratory.
- Step 4: Carry out the construction of measures to prevent, prevent and minimize pollution to prevent incidents.
- Step 5: Propose management and preventive measures to prevent and treat emissions, waste water and hazardous waste collection plans.
- Step 6: Commitment to overcome unsatisfactory contents, remedies and remedial measures; committing to regularly operate and implement waste treatment and reduction measures to ensure environmental standards and regulations; commitment to environmental protection in accordance with the law of Vietnam.
- Step 7: Request the business owner to provide some documents related to the project and prepare periodic environmental monitoring reports according to Circular 43/2015 / TT-BTNMT.
- Step 8: Send documents to the owner of the enterprise for review and signing, then receive the file will submit a report to the competent authorities for review and approval of the environmental monitoring report periodically as Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Departments of Natural Resources and Environment in the project area implemented.


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