Environmental consultancy

Environmental consultancy

GM Company is an enterprise specializing in consulting solutions and providing consultancy services in the field of environment, from the time of preparing to start applying for investment license until the project is approved and put into operation. .

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For new businesses or foreign businesses that are very confused about environmental procedures in Vietnam, GM will provide consultancy on each step of implementation and guide the implementation of environmental laws to ensure the project is operating smoothly. throughout.

Here are some basic steps

Environmental management records before operation - Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
- Environmental protection plan
- Environment protection plan
Types of records during operation - Register of hazardous waste source owner
- Dossiers of application for permission to discharge sewage into water sources
- Application file for underground water / surface water exploitation
Types of reports - Report on the completion of environmental protection works
- Monitoring reports / Report on environmental monitoring results
- Report on labor environment monitoring
- Periodic report on wastewater discharge
- Report on the situation of exploitation and use of surface water periodically
Other documents related to environmental protection - Adjust the register of waste generators
- Profile analysis of mud samples
- Dossier applying for certification of wastewater drainage into the city's common drainage system
- Documents about acceptance of the treatment system with the State Agency.


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Hotline: 0903. 926. 077

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